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Well, hello there. - maybe_its_mab
Well, hello there.
I'm almost positive that I don't have anyone who follows this blog or reads anything I have to say. The last time I posted to my blog was in 2011 saying the last time I wrote anything was 2008. It's now 2014 Maybe I should write more often. To get everyone caught up (maybe I'll write a longer post later and I'll include pictures.)

April 23,2013 I gave birth to a perfect little girl. She is named after her great grandparents (On my dads side) My husband and I named her Charlie Anne. She makes my world better. Fast Forward to today, she is a year and a half and just a bucket full of energy.

James and I have been married for 5 years. Hes the best and the best dad.

and that ends this blog. again I may or may not write another post.
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