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Penny likes to get away and drown her pain in lemonade... - maybe_its_mab
Penny likes to get away and drown her pain in lemonade...
I created this Live Journal for a couple reasons.... I've made this because I wanted to be able to post comments on ONTD! I've also made this Journal because some times it's nice to get things off your chest... There are a few things, that I would like to get off my chest...

First things First, I've been sick since Monday night, Tuesday I felt like utter crap, But I went into work, I felt a little better Wensday night at work... So I go into work Thursday night, I punch in, and make my way to the cosmetics dept, While walking I'm talking to Sharon who works in pharmacy... Debbie walks up to me and starts talking to me. She told me to pull the stock room, I said ok, I turned back to let Sharon finish talking to me, Debbie starting talking again, I said ok... Again I turned to let Sharon finish talking to me, Debbie starting talking to me again. I then say ok one last time.. She gets all mad at me, saying She doesn't feel good either, and that doesn't mean we don't have to work.... I'm like debbie I'm talking to 2 people at once.... She starts screaming at me, which made me cry... Now I'm crying to hard, I almost threw up... Where does she get off treating me like this? I can't believe her. I'm done beign her friend, it's all Walgreens now, I'm done talking about things outside of work.. She pissed me off big time... Stop taking shit out on me, I didn't do a damn thing wrong... Tuesday night when I come into work, I hope she says she is sorry, because I didn't do a damn thing wrong, I'm always helping her out, doing things for her... I'm done being her friend... Thats it I'm done. I'm done stressing out over my job, it's walgreens who gives a shit.... I'll find something else... Who cares if I've been with the company almost 8 years... I'm done.... I'm always getting treated like shit... I would like to tell Brandon, that I love him, that you for coming in for me, I remember when I hated you cause you left early ALL the time.. But in the end I love you and thank you!

Now.... For some important news..... James and I are getting married... You really don't know how happy I am.. I've been waiting for this for a while now... I'd like to say that for the last 3 years I've been ready..... There are a few people that do know we are getting married, I mean some close friends and some not so close friends... We have no told all our friends, but they will know soon... Family does not know... I've picked out the ring, we've paid a little on it, because we are on the poor side, it's going to take us a couple weeks for the ring to be on my finger... I mean I know I'm getting married, I know he's going to ask me, but he just hasn't asked me to marry him.... I can't wait till he does ask me, I know I'm going to cry... I've already got a date picked, but the more I think about it, I might change it... I'm not 100% sure, I'm going to have to talk to Jim about it a little more... I've already picked 3 bridesmaids and my Maid of honor. We already have the Ring bearer picked and I'm about 95% sure on who the flower girl will be... I'm almost positive on the colors of the wedding, I would like Hot pink and Black, but at the same time I'm thinking Black with like a black berry color or a raspberry but a darker pink not the light pink i keep seeing every where... I've found the dresses that the brides maids are going to wear, I'm just trying to figure out my dress... I mean I still have over 18 months till the "wedding" but you can never be sure, I'm going to Decorate everything, I'm just going to buy Black sheets and pink sheets and Just get Black and pink plates and napkins... Also Black and pink forks and knifes... I found a cake I like, I just need to make a few changes to it, Maybe I can even make it myself. I'm thinking A different flavor on each layer... I would like raspberry in one of the layers. I could go on and on about this. But I should leave things like this for other updates.

Tomorrow, I'm going to my friends house, I'm going to spend the afternoon at her house with her and her daughter... It's going to be fun... After that I'm hoping I can drop off the letters I've painted for a Friends sister... Her sister is having a little girl, from what I've read she is due any day now....

That would end this update....

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