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maybe_its_mab's Journal

18 March 1984
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I'm sure you'd like to know what my name is, birth certificate says my name is Jennifer, please DON'T ever call me that, Call me either JJ or Jenn and Never jenny I don't like that name either. Only a Few people can get away with calling me Jenny trust me on this one your not one of them. I've been a Hanson fan since 97, nothing you can say or do will change that... If you Don't like them, Don't rip into me for it. I'm into getting tattoos and Piercings, I change my hair color almost as much as I change my underwear. I've had only 1 real job, it's been at walgreens, been with the company 11 years. I could live my life in Pj pants and T-shirts. The Name Maybe_its_mab came from a book that I love, it's called I was a teenage fairy, You should check it out. I'm a Huge fan of the twilight series, You should read them I think they are amazing. Anything else just ask.